Halloween & Other Spooky Fun; TGIF

Hello again. You know, given the amount of time some on my other projects (working 40 hours a week, sleeping, writing for Post Somerville),sometimes I think I might just be better off writing a lame little goodbye note and closing this little blog down.  I mean, I don’t post regularly enough to have a super loyal following, and although there’s a generally consistent theme (happenings that I think are cool), it’s not compelling stuff.  Depending on what I feature, I can have anywhere from 15 to 100+ people look at a post.  So inconsistent!  I  love wedding/DIY event blogs, fashion blogs, and I look forward to reading Kat Richter’s dating blog After I Quit My Day Job while I eat my oatmeal most mornings.  (Fact: I was originally going to use this blog as a platform to rehash my crazy OKCupid dating stories, but totally chickened out.  Reading her blog makes me wish I had just gone for it, although I run into enough OKC dates after the fact that the risk of major awkwardness would have been pretty high.)  I’m starting to feel as though my efforts to largely keep my personal life out of my writing has stunted this little blog’s potential.  Don’t get me started on  how I keep meaning  to redo the design…sigh.  Consider this little whiny tangent fair warning that I’ll be experimenting with some different elements in an attempt to revamp this little blog.

Anyways, enough kvetching, here’s some fun stuff to do this weekend in Boston:

1. Tonight some of my friends and I will be getting into costume and heading to Downtown Crossing for Bootie Boston at Good Life.  Our thinking is that if a sweaty basement bootleg mash up dance party is normally a really fun time, then a sweaty basement bootleg mash up dance party in costume is going to be ridiculously epic.  Doors open at 9:00 PM, 21+, $5 cover.

See? They look like they're having fun.

2. It stands to reason that bars all over town are organizing shows of local bands dressing up and playing the songs of other (more famous) bands; it’s the ultimate Halloween rock star fantasy.  If you like Wilco and Ryan Adams, you should go to Rosebud Bar; if you like Ziggy Stardust, MGMT, Passion Pit, and Weezer, go PA’s Lounge.  If, on the other hand, you like Britney, Madonna, and Lady GaGa, well, then you should go to Church.  These shows are all happening Saturday.  Tonight, of course, is Great Scott‘s 8th Annual The Pill Halloween Show; The Honors will be covering Morrissey, the Bearstronaut will be covering The Rapture, and Vostok 4 will be covering The Talking Heads.  Check the venue’s sites for ticket info, etc.

3. If you’re just looking for something normal and non-Halloween-related to do this weekend, then perhaps you should consider checking out the Boston Vegetarian Food Festival on Saturday and Sunday.  In its 15th year, the BVFF is being held at the Reggie Lewis Athletic Center on Tremont Street from 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM on Saturday and 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM on Sunday.  It aims to be a fun resource for both vegetarians and those just trying to find new ways to eat more healthily through the use of vendor booths and lectures.  Admission and parking are both free; there will also be complimentary food to sample.

4. Sunday will also mark the last SOWA Open Market of the season (sad face).  Hundreds of vendors offering artisanal food products, crafty items you never knew you needed, cute clothing, and pretty much anything else you can think of will be converging for one last time at 460 Harrison Ave in the South End before the Big Chill settles in for good.  This very special Halloween edition of SOWA will also be offering free treats, pumpkin carving, live music, and an undead costume contest with a grand prize of $250.  I may or may not have a very irrational fear of zombies, but I will definitely be making an effort to swing by and check out the fun at SOWA this Sunday.

Tricks, Treats, & Love,



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Excuses and Other Fun Stuff (WINE RIOT)

OK, so I’m definitely an awful blogger.  I’m generally too busy at work to put a post together during the day, so what I always tell myself I’ll do is write a draft of a post of night, and then give it a once over and post it during the day.  Lately, sleep and/ or Criminal Minds always wins.  Sigh.  It also doesn’t help that I’m writing for Post Somerville on a weekly basis, too – I could barely get my stuff together.  Please check it out- every week I do a write-up about what’s going on in Somerville over the weekend!

Anyways, something so epic has come to Boston this weekend that it has roused me out of my blogging stupor: WINE RIOT.  I know that I’ve written more than once about the Second Glass, which is a Boston-based start up, and there’s a reason for that: the kids over at the Second Glass knows how to throw a party.  Specifically, a party drenched in wine.  Wine Riot is that party.  I went with some friends last night, and we had so much fun!  In addition to the thirtysomething vendor booths – there were 250 different wines to try! – there was a photo booth complete with fun props, cute temporary tattoos, dancing (once we had had some wine), and free snacks provided by Cabot Cheese, Kickass Cupcakes (champagne frosting!), and Taza Chocolate.

I should really get going, and so should you!  There are still some tickets available for Riots 1 & 2 today – snag some tickets before they totally sell out!  Riot 1 will run from 1 – 5, and Riot 2 will close things out from 7 – 11 tonight.  DO IT.

Also happening today: Head of the Charles.  You might have heard of it.

Love, love, and WINE,


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Post Secret. In Boston. Tonight!

Hold the phone, people.  One of my sources (Google Reader, to be precise) just informed me that Frank Warren is bringing the Post Secret 2010 Tour to Boston tonight!  Frank will be at Watson Hall at Wentworth Institute of Technology tonight from 7:30 – 10:00 P M tonight.  The event is open to the public; tickets are $5 for students and presumably a bit more for “real people” with “jobs.”  Click here to register!

Well, now that that’s out of the way, I suppose I drudge up something else to do this week look forward to the weekend!  This Friday just so happens to be the last Friday of the month, which can only mean one thing: it’s time for Bootie Boston at Good Life!  I’ve posted about it before, so I won’t go that into it right now, but Bootie is a fun, often sweaty, loosely pirate-themed mash-up dance party in the basement of Good Life in Downtown Crossing.

Also this weekend?  The 5th Annual Fluff Fest!  What the Fluff?  A Tribute to the Union Square Invention is happening this Saturday from 3:00 – 7:00 PM in Union Square Plaza.  All sorts of Fluff-themed and inspired kookiness, treats, and fun will transpire!   Thankfully the BC football game against Virginia Tech this Saturday has a noontime kickoff, so I can still get some tailgating in before I head back to the ‘Ville to get my Fluff on.

Speaking of Somerville, you should definitely check out Post Somerville for all of your Somerville news and entertainment needs.  Just sayin’.

Love & Fluff,


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Wine Week & Wonder Women

Happy Monday!  And yes, I’m being sarcastic.  My day is already off to a questionable start, what with a potentially seizure-inducing audio/ visual test of my office building’s emergency alarm system.  Sigh..However, I just need to buck up and move on, because this is a very special week populated by very fun events.  Wear dark colors and cleanse your palates, kids: its Boston Wine Week!  The website says: “Proving that great wine doesn’t have to be a great expense, all wines (some of which retail up to $90/bottle) will be offered at $9/glass and $32/bottle.  Participating restaurants will offer a minimum of six wines, available at a substantial discount.”  Weee!  Boston Wine Week kicks off tonight with events at both Bina Osteria and 74 Chestnut, and will go out with a bang (I’m guessing here) on Thursday with the Second Glass‘s Classy Bar Crawl around Downtown Crossing.

In addition to being the first day of Boston Wine Week, today also bears the distinction of being National Punch Day.  Bols Genever reps will be celebrating by setting up shop tonight at Green Street in Central Square.  Starting at 9:00 PM, they will be serving $4 cups of punch and $6 Genever cocktails.

Looking to the (very near) future, Wonder Women of Boston will be hosting a networking event tomorrow from 6:00 – 8:00 PM at Mantra in Downtown Crossing.  Not only should it be a fun networking event for women, but it will also be a fundraiser for Project Have Hope, which serves Ugandan women and their families.  Even better: the fundraiser is a raffle, and the prizes, I assure you, are fabulous.  (I won the cutest vintage platter at the last one!)  If you do make it out to WWOB event tomorrow, be sure to look for me: I’ll be helping the first wave of attendees register.

Also tomorrow night is Robbie Samuels training entitled “The Art of the Schmooze.”  Normally priced at $50, attendance at tomorrow session, which is being hosted by the Nonprofit Connector Meetup Group, is only $10.  So if you don’t feel up to going to the WWOB networking event, maybe you’d be better served by going to hear Robbie talk about how to improve your networking skillz.  The Art of the Schmooze will be happening at Lir Irish Pub at 903 Boylston Street, Boston (between the Hynes T Stop and the Pru).  Attendance is by RSVP only, so get to it!

Love, Cocktails, & Wine,


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Midweek Madness

Hey kids,

Guess what?  I survived moving! Yayyyy.  And a hellish move it was; September 1st found me awake at 6:15 AM.  My vehicle?  A Honda CR-V.  My companion?   My roommate’s fiance.  Did we move all of our stuff from Brighton to Somerville?  Yes we did (with the exception of one awkward chair)!  Were we out by noon?  Not quite.  I am eternally grateful to  my roommate’s fiance, our new roommate, and all of my friends and coworkers who assisted me through this hellish moving experience.  Don’t worry, guys:  next time I’m hiring movers.

Moving onward (I never want to think of that dark day again), I just wanted to drop you a quick line (things are hectic) to let you know I’m alive, settling in, and so happy to living north of the Charles.

Two items of note:

I’m not sure that I fully endorse this event, but today is the last day to get a special discount on tickets to StyleFixx, which is happening October 6 & 7th at the Boston Center of the Arts (Cyclorama) in the South End.   It’s billed as being “the best girls’ night out of the year,” and it certainly is a hodgepodge of shopping, complimentary cocktails, and goodie bags, but it’s also extremely crowded, and you’re more than likely to have a drunk girl spill a pink cocktail on you (This may or may not have happened to me; I may or may not have also spilled on myself).  I went last year, courtesy of Yelp, and had a lot of fun there, but I’m not planning on returning this fall.

Do you like wine?  Do you like free things?  You read this blog, so the odds are good that you do.  My office is practically right across the street from Central Bottle in Central Square; it takes a lot of self control for me to not buy a panini there everyday.  Self control and being broke.  Yeah… Anyways, they are hosting a free wine tasting tonight from 5-7 PM with special guest Loire Valley vintner and importer Pierre Breton of Kermit Lynch Wine Merchants.  If you can’t make it tonight, there’s always the Thursday Night Wine Bar tomorrow night from 5- 9 PM, featuring Barbaresco(es?) from the Piedmont region of Italy.  The special guest tomorrow will be an Italian winemaker with a super Italian name, Giovanni Pasquero Elia of Paitin, who is both apparently extremely knowledgeable and extremely Italian.  Salud!

Andd that’s what I have for you tonight.  Now stop goofing around and get back to work!


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BuhBye, Brighton

Here’s how my morning started: My piece of crap cell phone shut itself off, so my alarm didn’t go off. Back up alarm woke me up when I should have been finishing up in the shower. My bus, the 86, whizzes past me as I’m running (in the rain) to the bus stop. I start running after it, hoping to catch it at a stoplight, to no avail. So now I’m standing at the corner of Market and North Beacon, still in the pouring rain, feeling very much like a drowned rat and knowing that if I wait for the next bus, I will be five minutes late to work and even more of a drowned rat. Did I mention I’m wearing a white pencil skirt today? Anyways, I took a cab, even though the idea of paying $22 just to go to work pains me. And that’s how my day started.

I really hate being the 86. Brighton Center is kind of a black hole when it comes to public transportation, and I’m completely dependent on the 86 to get to work in the morning. I’m eagerly counting down the days until I no longer have to run to the bus stop, not knowing if the bus will show up at 7:15 AM, like it’s supposed to, or 7:20 AM, like it normally does. Oh, the anticipation and anxiety of not knowing if I’ve missed the bus. Of course, I’m sure I’ll soon be ruing the day I ever took the buses that run to and from Davis on Highland. But yeah, I’m extremely busy with packing and getting together other stuff for the move, so this will probably be my last post while I still live in Brighton.

However, things improved as the day went on. I was treated to lunch at the Legal Seafood in Kendall, the workday will be over in mere minutes, I’m going to go work with my trainer, Danny, and then I’m checking out the Inc. 30 Under 30 Celebration at Splash Ultra Lounge!  I do believe it’s sold out, but it should be interesting, and if you can’t go, you should watch out for their events in the future.  Basically, the event’s all about social branding and celebrating some cool, young entrepreneurs.  Peeps from The Second Glass, Her Campus, and Urban Escapes will be there, to just list, um, three.

Gotta go!

Also, this weekend: St. Anthony’s Feast!

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On The Road / Sweet Adeline

Greetings from a Bolt Bus that is currently engaged in pretty heavy traffic on the Mass Pike.  I’m Boston bound, after having been gone for a week.  My trajectory?  Boston ->NYC -> NJ -> LaGuardia ->  Savannah -> Hilton Head annnd reverse that.  It’s been good to be out of the office and spend some time with my family in a particularly balmy climate.  It was the first proper vacation I’ve taken since I started working full time just over a year ago; unfortunately, it was also a very bittersweet trip.  What had been planned to be a small family vacation to visit my elderly grandmother ended up becoming an impromptu gathering of extended family as we gathered to celebrate the life and mourn the death of my Nonni.

Her passing did not come as a total surprise, as Nonni (Adeline) was 97 and had not been in the best of health.  It was, however, surprising and upsetting in that, yes, I lost my grandmother, but also, I guess I had not expected her to pass mere days before I was going to see her.  My flight got into Savannah at 11:15 pm last Sunday night, and 10:00 am the next morning found me dressed in black and presenting the offertory gifts at her funeral.  I suppose I should just be thankful that she passed peacefully and in the presence of two of her children; she did not suffer unnecessarily, and she was not alone.

So that’s where I’ve been and this is where I’m at, both physically and emotionally.  I have exciting events coming up, but I’ll save those for my next post.  Today I just want to leave you with this audio bit from NPR celebrating the 100th birthday of the barbershop quartet song “Sweet Adeline” in December 2003; it features a pretty entertaining cover by Phish.  Not only was my Nonni’s name Adeline, but my dearly departed Pop Pop used to serenade her with “Sweet Adeline” to her on a regular basis (I could write pages on their love and dedication to each other; they were married for 73 years); I feel it is a fitting internet tribute.

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