On The Road / Sweet Adeline

Greetings from a Bolt Bus that is currently engaged in pretty heavy traffic on the Mass Pike.  I’m Boston bound, after having been gone for a week.  My trajectory?  Boston ->NYC -> NJ -> LaGuardia ->  Savannah -> Hilton Head annnd reverse that.  It’s been good to be out of the office and spend some time with my family in a particularly balmy climate.  It was the first proper vacation I’ve taken since I started working full time just over a year ago; unfortunately, it was also a very bittersweet trip.  What had been planned to be a small family vacation to visit my elderly grandmother ended up becoming an impromptu gathering of extended family as we gathered to celebrate the life and mourn the death of my Nonni.

Her passing did not come as a total surprise, as Nonni (Adeline) was 97 and had not been in the best of health.  It was, however, surprising and upsetting in that, yes, I lost my grandmother, but also, I guess I had not expected her to pass mere days before I was going to see her.  My flight got into Savannah at 11:15 pm last Sunday night, and 10:00 am the next morning found me dressed in black and presenting the offertory gifts at her funeral.  I suppose I should just be thankful that she passed peacefully and in the presence of two of her children; she did not suffer unnecessarily, and she was not alone.

So that’s where I’ve been and this is where I’m at, both physically and emotionally.  I have exciting events coming up, but I’ll save those for my next post.  Today I just want to leave you with this audio bit from NPR celebrating the 100th birthday of the barbershop quartet song “Sweet Adeline” in December 2003; it features a pretty entertaining cover by Phish.  Not only was my Nonni’s name Adeline, but my dearly departed Pop Pop used to serenade her with “Sweet Adeline” to her on a regular basis (I could write pages on their love and dedication to each other; they were married for 73 years); I feel it is a fitting internet tribute.


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  1. Jezz

    I never knew your gran’s first name was Adeline. Absolutely beautiful name; so romantic.

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