Midweek Madness

Hey kids,

Guess what?  I survived moving! Yayyyy.  And a hellish move it was; September 1st found me awake at 6:15 AM.  My vehicle?  A Honda CR-V.  My companion?   My roommate’s fiance.  Did we move all of our stuff from Brighton to Somerville?  Yes we did (with the exception of one awkward chair)!  Were we out by noon?  Not quite.  I am eternally grateful to  my roommate’s fiance, our new roommate, and all of my friends and coworkers who assisted me through this hellish moving experience.  Don’t worry, guys:  next time I’m hiring movers.

Moving onward (I never want to think of that dark day again), I just wanted to drop you a quick line (things are hectic) to let you know I’m alive, settling in, and so happy to living north of the Charles.

Two items of note:

I’m not sure that I fully endorse this event, but today is the last day to get a special discount on tickets to StyleFixx, which is happening October 6 & 7th at the Boston Center of the Arts (Cyclorama) in the South End.   It’s billed as being “the best girls’ night out of the year,” and it certainly is a hodgepodge of shopping, complimentary cocktails, and goodie bags, but it’s also extremely crowded, and you’re more than likely to have a drunk girl spill a pink cocktail on you (This may or may not have happened to me; I may or may not have also spilled on myself).  I went last year, courtesy of Yelp, and had a lot of fun there, but I’m not planning on returning this fall.

Do you like wine?  Do you like free things?  You read this blog, so the odds are good that you do.  My office is practically right across the street from Central Bottle in Central Square; it takes a lot of self control for me to not buy a panini there everyday.  Self control and being broke.  Yeah… Anyways, they are hosting a free wine tasting tonight from 5-7 PM with special guest Loire Valley vintner and importer Pierre Breton of Kermit Lynch Wine Merchants.  If you can’t make it tonight, there’s always the Thursday Night Wine Bar tomorrow night from 5- 9 PM, featuring Barbaresco(es?) from the Piedmont region of Italy.  The special guest tomorrow will be an Italian winemaker with a super Italian name, Giovanni Pasquero Elia of Paitin, who is both apparently extremely knowledgeable and extremely Italian.  Salud!

Andd that’s what I have for you tonight.  Now stop goofing around and get back to work!



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2 responses to “Midweek Madness

  1. emily

    are the thursday night wine bars weekly? i have no thursday classes and no class friday ’til noon, so perhaps i could visit you once on a thurs to attend wine spectacularity!

  2. Why yes, I do believe the Wine Bar is a weekly event. You should come up and visit meee!

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