Excuses and Other Fun Stuff (WINE RIOT)

OK, so I’m definitely an awful blogger.  I’m generally too busy at work to put a post together during the day, so what I always tell myself I’ll do is write a draft of a post of night, and then give it a once over and post it during the day.  Lately, sleep and/ or Criminal Minds always wins.  Sigh.  It also doesn’t help that I’m writing for Post Somerville on a weekly basis, too – I could barely get my stuff together.  Please check it out- every week I do a write-up about what’s going on in Somerville over the weekend!

Anyways, something so epic has come to Boston this weekend that it has roused me out of my blogging stupor: WINE RIOT.  I know that I’ve written more than once about the Second Glass, which is a Boston-based start up, and there’s a reason for that: the kids over at the Second Glass knows how to throw a party.  Specifically, a party drenched in wine.  Wine Riot is that party.  I went with some friends last night, and we had so much fun!  In addition to the thirtysomething vendor booths – there were 250 different wines to try! – there was a photo booth complete with fun props, cute temporary tattoos, dancing (once we had had some wine), and free snacks provided by Cabot Cheese, Kickass Cupcakes (champagne frosting!), and Taza Chocolate.

I should really get going, and so should you!  There are still some tickets available for Riots 1 & 2 today – snag some tickets before they totally sell out!  Riot 1 will run from 1 – 5, and Riot 2 will close things out from 7 – 11 tonight.  DO IT.

Also happening today: Head of the Charles.  You might have heard of it.

Love, love, and WINE,



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One response to “Excuses and Other Fun Stuff (WINE RIOT)

  1. Jess

    Due to your sister, I ❤ champagne frosting!

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