BuhBye, Brighton

Here’s how my morning started: My piece of crap cell phone shut itself off, so my alarm didn’t go off. Back up alarm woke me up when I should have been finishing up in the shower. My bus, the 86, whizzes past me as I’m running (in the rain) to the bus stop. I start running after it, hoping to catch it at a stoplight, to no avail. So now I’m standing at the corner of Market and North Beacon, still in the pouring rain, feeling very much like a drowned rat and knowing that if I wait for the next bus, I will be five minutes late to work and even more of a drowned rat. Did I mention I’m wearing a white pencil skirt today? Anyways, I took a cab, even though the idea of paying $22 just to go to work pains me. And that’s how my day started.

I really hate being the 86. Brighton Center is kind of a black hole when it comes to public transportation, and I’m completely dependent on the 86 to get to work in the morning. I’m eagerly counting down the days until I no longer have to run to the bus stop, not knowing if the bus will show up at 7:15 AM, like it’s supposed to, or 7:20 AM, like it normally does. Oh, the anticipation and anxiety of not knowing if I’ve missed the bus. Of course, I’m sure I’ll soon be ruing the day I ever took the buses that run to and from Davis on Highland. But yeah, I’m extremely busy with packing and getting together other stuff for the move, so this will probably be my last post while I still live in Brighton.

However, things improved as the day went on. I was treated to lunch at the Legal Seafood in Kendall, the workday will be over in mere minutes, I’m going to go work with my trainer, Danny, and then I’m checking out the Inc. 30 Under 30 Celebration at Splash Ultra Lounge!  I do believe it’s sold out, but it should be interesting, and if you can’t go, you should watch out for their events in the future.  Basically, the event’s all about social branding and celebrating some cool, young entrepreneurs.  Peeps from The Second Glass, Her Campus, and Urban Escapes will be there, to just list, um, three.

Gotta go!

Also, this weekend: St. Anthony’s Feast!


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One response to “BuhBye, Brighton

  1. Sara

    You Inspired Me to Tell My Story:

    this morning, i discover that i have no breakfast foods in the house. so, i throw on jeans and a hoodie and flips and run to the store and back. rain: 1, sara: 0.

    when i get back to the apartment, i decide that since the garbage has to go out to the curb this morning to be picked up and also since i am already soaking wet, i will do it right then. empty trash, tie bag, haul downstairs, add to can, plod through driveway-like river with a heavy can through the back alley to the curb. place can at curb, turn and start back, only to bang my hand on the side of someone else’s house as i trip and fall onto the sidewalk. rain: 2, sara: still 0.

    swim through rest of driveway-like river, climb wetly upstairs, enter apartment, shed wet outergarments. straighten up, only to realize:
    today is wednesday and actually, the trash is taken on THURSDAY.

    Final Score:
    Rain 3
    Sara 0

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